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  Foulad Institute of Technology with the certificate of Council of Higher Education, under the supervision of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology has been established by a group…

Achievements Achievements


  Cooperation in the development of the national economy via promoting technology particularly in the steel industry, developing creative thinking in students via specialized education in different levels .  

Goals Goals

Future plans

  Establishing new courses for bachelor, master and PhD levels in the fields of engineering and management related to the industries of the area, obtaining a permit from the Ministry…

Future plans Future plans

Security office


Having thorough dominance on the institute, the security office, as the open eye of the institute can be a good counselor to the managers. Of course, it is clear that security officials can succeed only when they have science, specialization, wisdom and clairvoyance. In the same vein the responsibility of the people is the gain the institutional goals and the responsibility of the security is protecting them. In line with its role and place and regarding the audience who are the society's élites, the university security has no way except seriously addressing dynamic and scientific motions, far away from being dry; hence it tries to make a secure and safe environment for the presentation of academicians' views and opinions, leading to the development of our Islamic country.

The institute security office has two duties of personnel security and physical security. In former, all the present personnel including faculty members, official staffs and students are considered officially and disciplinarily. In the latter case, all the technical, educational and laboratory equipments are protected. Additionally the entrance and exit of individuals are controlled.

Name and Family: Asghar Nekoee

Post: security manager

Degree: Bachelor

Field of study: Plant protection

Tel: 03342636677


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