Future plans

With respect to the main aims of the institute, the future educational, research and connection with industry plans can be summarized as:

  • 1.Establishing new courses for bachelor, master and PhD levels in the fields of engineering and management related to the industries of the area, obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
  • 2.Establishing joint courses required by the industries of the area in the postgraduate level with the foreign prestigious universities.
  • 3.Providing on-service education for industry staffs, with required high qualities.
  • 4. Providing management training for current managers to enrich present managers of organizations and industries.
  • 5.Offering educational courses needed for companies related to industry, especially for new employees to serve the needs of their companies
  • 6.Providing short-term practical training required in other industries
  • 7.Launching Internet-based virtual training
  • 8.Providing consulting services to develop educational research programs of the industry, especially the companies related to the industries
  • 9.Establishing relationships with universities and scientific research centers inside and outside the country for scientific and research cooperation by holding seminars, conferences, workshops and cooperating in preparing scientific exhibitions
  • 10.Providing scientific and technical services to design and manufacture industrial parts and equipments, laboratory affairs and testing of materials analysis
  • 11.Providing and localizing technical knowledge required by the country's industries
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