Goals and activities

.On duty and for answering the needs, the founding board of the institute has established this institute nationally and later internationally to promote the scientific levels of the youths to achieve the following goals:

  • Participating in national economic development through technology upgrading in industry, particularly the steel industry
  • Developing creative thinking and research on young people through professional training at the associate, undergraduate and graduate
  • Creating a logical bridge between industry, especially the steel industry, research centers and home and foreign universities
  • Attempting to develop and introduce new technologies to local industries
  • Identifying issues and short-term and long-term problems in the steel industry
  • Improving the quality of industrial workers by providing job training courses at all levels
  • Updating technical information in the industry, by offering seminars, conferences and workshops and enabling the scientific and international communication with scientific and research centers inside and outside the country

To achieve the afore mentioned goals, presently the institute has aimed to have several major fields related to the steel industry; additionally, it is considering new fields of studies for bachelor and master degrees, making connection with the foreign universities, having common courses with them leading to certificates, relating with the international research centers, offering free industrial and business management courses, providing on-service educational courses, doing research projects especially by master's students, organizing and managing research projects, holding seminars, conferences and workshops.

With the establishment of Foolad Institute of Technology the need for the presence of a powerful center to answer the scientific requirements of the area is met. Offering short-term courses, single courses and courses leading to associate, bachelor and master degrees can satisfy the needs of the industry for specialized people. Additionally holding seminars, workshops and conferences in various fields can have a leading role in promoting the knowledge level and introducing the novelties of science and technology.

Offering research services such as problem identification, organizing, leading and monitoring can help resolve current and future problems of industry development of the area effectively.

By offering counseling and technical services in the areas of education- research, designing and manufacturing equipments and developing technology, the institute can be of great help for the managers and programmers of the area.



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